Our Storyharbingermedia

“We plan to change the game of publishing and take it to a whole new level…”

– founder G. A. Lindbloom

Harbinger Media Group was first conceived when “Gunner” Alan Lindbloom and his business partner, Billy Usher, sought to publish Lindbloom’s first novel, “To Be A King.”

Until recently, unpublished authors had to submit a “query letter” and brief synopsis of their book to agents and publishers in attempt to get a publishing deal. Sometimes dozens of these submissions had to be made to acquisition editors and agents who were inundated with hundreds of such letters monthly. More often than not, these submissions received nothing more than a cursory skim before being rejected. Authors were told, “Thanks for your submission but we aren’t interested at this time.” To give you an idea of how flawed this traditional method of publishing is, the world’s wealthiest author, J.K. Rowling, received “loads of rejection letters” before a publisher gave her a shot. That means there are “loads of publishers” out there somewhere who must cry themselves to sleep every time they hear the words “Harry Potter.”

Alan Lindbloom saw a problem with this whole process. Primarily, what if an author was bad at writing query letters? He admitted he fell into this category. “I’m a novelist,” he explained to his business partner. “For me, it’s impossible to convey an 800 page novel, with the complexities of the plot and sub-plots, in a single page. Some writers may be able to do it, but I can’t.”

And thus a seed was planted. Rather than follow tradition and begin submitting dozens of query letters, he and Usher considered other options, one of which was to self-publish using one of many print on demand self-publishing services. But self-publishing presented a variety of obstacles, particularly a lack of professional editing, proofing, and formatting. Traditional publishing houses have a small army of proofers and editors who work with an author to polish his or her work. When an author self-publishes, they are on their own, which often results in a sub-par product. Consequently, the marketplace is flooded with a plethora of poorly written self-published books that simply never sell more than a few hundred copies.

Nevertheless, Lindbloom and Usher decided to bite the bullet and move forward with self-publishing. But, at the eleventh hour, just as they were about to pay to publish using a self-publishing service based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Lindbloom suggested that they simply start a publishing company of their own. This idea eventually evolved into the Harbinger Media Group. After several brainstorming sessions that included Lindbloom’s wife Maria, who has over 13 years of experience in the publishing industry, they conceived a business model of which Harbinger Media Group was born. An idea for a unique socially interactive publishing platform emerged. This idea evolved into PubbHubb. In addition to the launch of PubbHubb, future plans include a new social networking site called InfiNET, various publishing products and services, as well as a line-up of novels written by G. A. Lindbloom. To Be A King, his first novel, will be their flagship title.