What is a socially interactive publishing platform?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Coming soon, Harbinger Media Group will allow unpublished authors to showcase their work and have it critiqued by readers from all over the world, free of charge on the PubbHubb platform.

How will this benefit our authors?

Again, simple. They will receive critical feedback, both positive and negative, that could help them improve their work. If a book is poorly written or lacks plot development, readers can voice it (anonymously) at the writer’s page. This constructive criticism will be used to help writers edit/revise their work to make a better product.

How will this benefit Harbinger Media Group?

Once again, it’s simple. We will monitor each writer’s reader feedback. If he/she receives large amounts of positive feedback, we may approach them with a publishing deal, which will include our team of professionals to edit, format, and market their work worldwide.

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